Thursday, July 18, 2013

The "D" Date - Don't Go!

Date Challenge: Date must occur on a weekday!

Date Title: Don't Go!

Upon glancing at the information so far, one might think - weird. Yes, I suppose it is a little strange. This date happened at the last minute. It was unexpected in many ways. My husband and I found out his brother and our sister-in-law might move to Nashville. Then, really, we found out it was probably a done deal.

In an effort to remind them of what they would be leaving (I mean we are awesome!), we decided to take them out to dinner and attempt to convince them they needed to stay here in Kansas City. This date turn out a bit weird. So, we went to Mr. Sushi, their favorite place to eat here in the area, and we talked about the decision, that seemed to suddenly come down.

What did we learn? Well, mostly, that they were going back to Nashville, and my grand plan that included my sister-in-law watching my kids and our kids going to grade school together, was just plan. No one elses.

At the end of the day, while this was a date, it really didn't end up very "date-like" since it concluded with realizing my brother and sister-in-law (along with my niece and nephew) would soon reside in the Nashville area instead of the Lee's Summit area.

There was a great sadness. :(

ELEVEN Months old...

My little boy is 11 months old. If that doesn't qualify as a moment of recess, I don't know what does. He is amazing and I cannot believe he is already so old. He is so full of energy, and soon he will be going to daycare. No Aunt Kendra watching him, but at least he will be in the same place as his sister.

Isn't he adorable? month until he is one, and I am just having a moment. Hope you all enjoy it! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An overview of my adventure...UPDATED

Well...I wouldn't say it is going well, but it isn't necessarily bad. So...only two orders so far, but I am sure that through all my online media, I can get the word with each of you! :)

So...humor me and watch an overview of product! Thanks!

So, the link I tried last time didn't really work. Let's try this...check out this little video...makes you think about your school reunions and other big events! Click here.