Friday, April 19, 2013

Tickle Monster...

My daughter loves playing Tickle Monster with her daddy. This storybook and "kit" is awesome...and a great deal at Zulily!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making fun a priority...again.

It would appear that no matter how hard I try, I have to regularly decide, once again, that fun is important. It seems like I should be able to make it a priority in life more easily.

Why isn't it easy?

• Laundry
• House to clean
• 2 dogs and one cat
• Full time job
• Light bulbs keep going out
• Both kids have an activity a week
• Step-daughter drama
• New job next school year
• Trying to keep up with Dipaers, Baby Food, Formula...
• Maintaining relationships
• I volunteer - maybe too much
• I have two kids...I am supposed to have fun WITH them...

I could go on and on, but what mother couldn't go on and on and understand what I am saying here.

I often feel like I don't have time to have fun with my husband or my kids. I certainly don't have time to go out and have fun with friends. Just trying to schedule time with friends is a monumental effort of scheduling, emailing, texting, calling, and facebook posts that is exhausting. By the time I get to dinner, we have spent two months just trying to coordinate schedules to sit down and eat for 30 minutes before we have to hurry back to drive a kid somewhere or pick a kid up from the friend that would watch him or her for part of the evening.

Trying to go on a date with my husband is almost as tiring. Between finding a sitter, planning an actual date, getting ready, preparing the kids, feeding the pets, leaving the house spotless, (You don't want the sitter thinking you are a slob, even if you do have a preschooler and an 8 month old!), writing down routines, listing snacks, having the snacks prepared, and trying to coordinate with another couple (maybe), one is tired by the time we pull out of the garage.


What is a girl to do? I am not really sure...sometimes I feel like I just keep running in a circle trying to get to "that" place that will make "this" easier. Not sure what any of it is, but that is what it feels like. Racing around a track with no spot where you can finally say, "Done!"

So making fun a priority: I am going to do it! I am taking my son to Gymboree tonight, my daughter has gymnastics tomorrow, and my husband swears he will plan our next date for this week. Then we will drive 400 miles to celebrate my grandmother's 101st birthday.

I am starting to feel tired already...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We are beautiful...just allow yourself to see it...

I think Dove does an amazing job with their insightful videos regarding beauty. Now...if we would all just pay attention!

Check it out here!

Full of Awesome...

I re-read this today and thought some of you might need to as well. The words are not mine, but the message is for all!

Click here to remember...

Waking Up Full of Awesome

Monday, April 15, 2013


I was working on a very entertaining post for the blog. I thought it was clever and entertaining. I was really "on" while I was writing - and even revising!

Then I heard the news, went to, read a little, looked at the pics, and then I just sat. A good friend from college was running Boston for the 5th time. She is a great runner...I knew she would already be done, but I just started thinking about all of it.

The perspective of the runner...the feeling of euphoria after the long weeks, months, probably years of planning and training. Euphoria to absolute terror. How cruel.

The perspective of the spectator...watching runners who have toiled so long. It almost brings a tear to the eye of the onlooker to see the joy as men and women finish Boston. I is BOSTON people! The spectators proud of complete strangers, and ecstatic for good friends and family. Then confusion followed by fear and panic.

The perspective of race workers...the race beginning to wind down and workers were beginning to think about the end. However, a they begin to think of all the post-race work, the noise and jolt to the ground send them into automatic pilot. Get spectators, racers, everyone to safety. Where is the issue? Help. Help. Help.

The rest of us...learning the news randomly throughout the course of our otherwise normal day. We sit in shock. We wonder why. We tear up...maybe even cry. We get mad. We talk about it to each other, but avoid the newscasts in front of our small children.

What I know?
➢ Bad things will happen, but good people will help.
➢ We will continue to live our lives and not let the crazy terrorists change us.
➢ Social media will allow communication is a manner that it will allow us to breathe deeply when we realize
our friends are okay, speed to the right location if they are not, and mobilize the nation in a show of
solidarity when necessary.
➢ We need to cherish those we love and tell!

Thoughts and prayers to all...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beyond Day 10

So...I finished my 10 Day Challenge. I lost another four pounds, but can't seem to see that I lost any inches from my waist. :( It is done and all I want to eat now is pasta and potatoes. That will only bring the four pounds back!

I am ready for this week to be over because we are all a little sick, so I hope to be back talking about challenges and playing soon!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day #8

So...there was a thunderstorm last night. That means my four year old, who is just newly afraid of tornados, came to our bed in the middle of the night. While I say "our" bed, what I mean is: Stella invaded my space and continued to "cuddle" with me by hitting me in the face, moving me other places, and kicking my stomach. Finally, when the storm was over, I took her back to her own bed, but by then the damage was done. We were exhausted and a frustrating morning was to follow.

I woke up, groggy, and proceeded to begin my ritual for the next three days of Spark, Fiber Drink, and a Meal Replacement Shake. After some tears and screams, arguements and compromises, we were finally on our way to start our Monday.

All night it stormed and rained, so this morning was the misty hangover with wet pavement. Stella and I drove as usual towards our destination. However, there was one little surprise in store for us.

I saw a pick-up truck coming from the other direction and only thought twice because its headlights turn off as he approached me. I slowed down in the most infinitesimal way and then it happened. Imagine dropping an old, really dusty mattress from ten feet. The burst of dust and imagine that is a deer landing in front of your car!

Yes...a deer...dropped in the road...while I am going virtually full speed. So, it is apparent this deer is already dead, and luckily, it was close enough to the center of the road that I am able to swerve and not run over the brunt of the body.

In my review mirror, I see the pick-up truck pulling over, and I realize that somehow, this deer flew out of that truck!

As I continue to drive, my heart rate starts to slow and my daughter starts to ask questions. I try to answer them without hecatizing her (please see previous post regarding this word), and I realize what is common sense:

I have blood on my windshield. After processing that piece of information, I realize that I probably have blood on several areas of the car. Then I see a few hairs stuck to my windshield and realize...there might be fur stuck in the front of my car.

Yep...after spending hours cleaning the car this weekend, I "kinda" of hit a deer and get blood and fur on my car. Fantastic. What a way to start my Monday - and my week.

Would love to hear about yours!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day #7 Continued... last post was written at the beginning of the day and posted at the end. I am exhausted from all the wonderful work we did with the cars and yard. I found much worse than sticky Cheerios, but that was from the wrappers and garbage in my husband's car...

Now, it is time to relax and listen to the thunderstorm. I do find that strangely fun. I enjoy thunderstorms quite a bit and the flashing lightning outside also reminds me that it is spring! Longer days, warmer mornings, and sunshine is on the way!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!

Day 6 & 7

So the weekend is always challenging. It is always tough to "be good." However, I think I am doing a pretty good job after my complete collapse on Friday evening!

We have been eating well, developing a great menu for the coming couple of weeks, and I exercised yesterday! Happy Dance! I know I will get plenty of activity today since yard work is in our future today! I always dread doing yard work, but it always pays off and I feel good after it is done. My husband would argue I do little to nothing as far as yard work. I would say, I do the cosmetic "stuff." He does the regular maintenance.

In addition, it is going to be fantastic out today, so it is also time to clean out the cars. While I know I will be relaxed and amazed at the clean feeling tomorrow morning, I know cleaning out crusty stuck to everything cheerios, crayons, barrettes, and other random four year old stuff will be a relatively unpleasant event. However, I try to remember that the "recess" of this item comes much later. When I drive the car for the next couple weeks, I will feel good.

So what fun did you/will you have today?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day #5

Today has been ridiculous. I wish I could even describe all the things that happened today, but I will sum it up like this. I work at a high school and the day ended with a woman smoking at one of our side doors. Yes...stand half in/half out of our high school building smoking a cigarette. When we asked her to stop, she argued and said she had given a student who was enrolling (in April???) a ride to the school and she was waiting for him. In addition, she was 28 years old, so what was the big deal?

How about Federal Law?

That is why, even though I am supposed to be cleansing and working through my challenge and eating well, I am drinking wine tonight. It was a tough day. The woman smoking in our building was just one of a day long run of ridiculous events that occurred.

So...I ate well until I came home and drank some wine! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day #4

So today I have been motivated to do...NOTHING!

Yes...I had to say it. I feel like my Challenge is going well, but I just can't get motivated to do much. I don't feel very "fun" or "recess-y" right now. (Yes...that word is made up)! So, since I can't get motivated to do much, I will relate a funny story that will make you all giggle a little. I am so glad I have a four year old that can make me laugh!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were hanging out with our four year old, Stella. She is a feisty little thing who is opinionated and independent. Those of you who are parents know this is a blessing and a curse.

We were talking and joking around with her about all kinds of things, when she finally just looked at us and said, "Stop it!" We just kind of laughed and told her we were joking. "Stop hecatizing me!" she exclaimed and stomped away.

My husband and I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out what word she really meant? Was she combining a couple of words? Did she mispronounce a word? We just couldn't figure it out.

A few days later, Stella used the word again when she was frustrated. I was by myself with both the kids and just didn't have time to think much about it, other than - I should write that down so some day we can determine what she is talking about!

Two days later, we were at a friend's house for dinner. While we were there, my husband and I were discussing Stella and her vocabulary which included her made up word, hecatizing. We all laughed a little and one of the women said, "Well, what does it mean when she says it?" My husband and I called Stella over because we had never just asked her.

"Stella, what does hecatizing mean?"

A sigh came from her that can only be interpreted as "I can't believe you don't know this." She rolled her eyes slightly, cocked her head, and with great attitude, but no hesitation she answered, "Freaking me out!" Then she turned and walked away as we erupted into laughter.

For over a month now she has regularly used this word interchangeably with the phrase, "Freaking me out." As a former English teacher, I find this absolutely awesome! Shakespeare also made up words that became part of our vocabulary, so I think you should all get used to this new fun word!

I am interested to hear...what is your favorite made up word??? than 2,000 educational games and activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day #3

Let's be honest...there isn't much to talk about here. I mean, I am still on my 10 Day Challenge. I am trying to eat well. I have exercised each day so far. Today was a stretching workout which has made me feel relaxed and ready for bed. I am tired.

What do I want? I am not really sure, but I am hungry. I ate well today - fruit, Abs Burger, Mexican Pizza, cashews...not bad if I do say so myself. I need to drink more water, but the problem is this - I do know what I want: Work made me want to drink beer. drove me crazy today. It made me want to each chocolate, mashed potatoes, and drink beer. These things are not on my "approved" list of foods for the challenge. What to do, what to do...

Here is what keeps me motivated. I have done a 24 Day Challenge that started with this 10 day routine once before. At the end of that 24 days, I had lost 4 inches on my waist. This is significant because my baby weight from number two is not falling off too easily! However, knowing this has been successful in the past, helps me know that this will be successful as well - IF I stick to what I am supposed to do!

How do you stay motivated for these types of challenges?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day #2

I feel good - except for the part where I don't sleep because of my teething baby! That is making me want to stress eat. Once again, kept it to a couple little morsels of chocolate, but I would like to just get through a day without eating junk. Okay...I would like to get through a cleanse day without eating junk!

So...ate an orange, my cashews, a great beef dish my husband made, and drank lots of water! I will say it - I am proud of me! Then I ate an Abs Burger for dinner and I am totally satisfied. Yes, totally satisfied, but still needed to eat chocolate. :)

I managed to sneak in a quick 24 minute workout which means this day was a success! Bring it on Day #3! I look forward to kicking your butt too!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day #1

While April 1st has not turned into the beautiful spring day I hoped for here, I hope you have all enjoyed a good April Fool's joke and some wonderful weather. The First of April also marks the beginning of my second 10 Day Challenge. In order to keep myself on track, I hope to blog about each day - just briefly - so I hold myself accountable.

How has day one gone? Other than waking up late and having a sick baby, not too bad. The unfortunate part is that the morning was a bit off kilter which means my food and snacks were hastily prepared! Thank goodness we have apples and oranges in the kitchen so I was able to quickly grab a couple of fruits to help keep me full today!

After waking up late, I grabbed my Spark, Fiber Drink, and Meal Replacement Shake. At least these are all quick and easy, so it probably saved me from being incredibly late out the door. I brought and apple, and orange, some cashews, left over roast beef, and an extra Meal Replacement Shake. (No - I didn't eat ALL of it today!)

The long and short of it - I made it through the day. I took my supplements. I did a work out. I felt awesome. Then I saw the Easter candy and I just had to have a little chocolate. Just a little. was more than a little, but it wasn't ridiculous!

I am going to go to bed early, hope the baby doesn't wake me up, and wake up refreshed and ready for day two!