Monday, April 1, 2013

Day #1

While April 1st has not turned into the beautiful spring day I hoped for here, I hope you have all enjoyed a good April Fool's joke and some wonderful weather. The First of April also marks the beginning of my second 10 Day Challenge. In order to keep myself on track, I hope to blog about each day - just briefly - so I hold myself accountable.

How has day one gone? Other than waking up late and having a sick baby, not too bad. The unfortunate part is that the morning was a bit off kilter which means my food and snacks were hastily prepared! Thank goodness we have apples and oranges in the kitchen so I was able to quickly grab a couple of fruits to help keep me full today!

After waking up late, I grabbed my Spark, Fiber Drink, and Meal Replacement Shake. At least these are all quick and easy, so it probably saved me from being incredibly late out the door. I brought and apple, and orange, some cashews, left over roast beef, and an extra Meal Replacement Shake. (No - I didn't eat ALL of it today!)

The long and short of it - I made it through the day. I took my supplements. I did a work out. I felt awesome. Then I saw the Easter candy and I just had to have a little chocolate. Just a little. was more than a little, but it wasn't ridiculous!

I am going to go to bed early, hope the baby doesn't wake me up, and wake up refreshed and ready for day two!

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