Sunday, January 27, 2013

The "A" Date Revisited...

Hmmm...anyone notice? No? Maybe that is because there aren't many of you reading. That is problem. I am working on that! After all, I do think that others should read my blog. There are two reasons why 1) I hope it gives you a creative idea for dating your significant other. 2) I want to feel as if I am entertaining...okay...that one really isn't a very good reason, but I do like to see that others have viewed my posts. Now, if I could just get more comments...think about it! I would love to hear from YOU!

So...the "A" date challenge was to include a workout. That wasn't the best part of our date since my poor belly that is still recovering from the birth of my second child is not very adept at performing any ab exercises. However, that is of course what my darling husband decided we would do before and after our "A" date.

So...while my 24 day challenge (previous blog) has been continuing on and my ab workouts are improving, it was an interesting portion of our "A" date. We did laugh a great deal.

Soon to be the "B" date actually took two evenings!


  1. I'm reading friend! We've been stuck at E for about 16 months now and need to hop back on the wagon..

    1. That makes me smile! Thanks for reading...something about little kids makes all this dating (and blogging thing) more difficult.