Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The "B" Date - Part 1

The Alphabet Dating Adventure continues! We have only had two dates, but the challenge cards have done just that - challenge us! For this date we had to drive through Starbucks at some point and pay for the car behind us! Sounds simple...yep...simple.

The "B" date was actually quite an adventure and had several different elements. To begin with...we have been slacking when it comes to supporting our friends' kids in sports. And by slacking, I mean the young man plays basketball at a high school so close I could jog to it (I don't, but I could if I wanted to!). He is a senior. We have never watched him play basketball. I think I already said we are slackers?

So...our "B" date began by going to watch the Boys' Basketball game where Bosley finally met our friends! I snuck in three "B" items there - did you see that? Crafty! We had a good time and the kids did great. We didn't stay for quite the entire game because the little guy usually goes to bed at 6:30pm or 7:00pm and by a little after 8:00pm, it was time to leave before the meltdown occurred. The parents reading this know what I mean. There is a tipping point where it goes wrong with incredible speed, and I really didn't want that to happen during our date! I wanted the two of us to still be in a good mood when we continued the date - just the two of us - in the Basement for Beer tasting.

However, before we could proceed home, we had a challenge card to contend with. We needed to go to Starbucks! The last thing I needed before trying some new beers was a cup of coffee, but it took about a nanosecond to convince our four year old that she wanted some chocolate milk! So off we went...to wait. Here was the challenge...not many customers drive through Starbucks at 8:30pm.

So we waited.

We waited.

Our daughter asked why we were just sitting there.

A car pulled into the parking lot - and turned the other direction.

I made a comment about how silly this was, but just then, a car began to pull up towards Starbucks, and we managed to pull in line ahead of them! Finally, success! I am sure that the person behind us was happy to get their coffee for free, and we were happy to succeed at the challenge!

Still to come...Beer Tasting...pictures and beer comments will be included!

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