Monday, February 18, 2013


I know...I know. Details of the beverage drinking is still needed. I even have pictures. Unfortunately, the last two plus weeks have been full of mayhem and craziness. While I like to think many care about all of that...I will try to keep my wits about me and realize I am not quite that important.

To sum up: Family drama with the step-daughter; I needed a new job, so I interviewed and got a new job; we had conferences (education jobs are full of interesting reasons to spend hours upon hours helping parents do what they should do anyway); we had other family drama that was not direct to this particular house, but still impactful!

As for dates...I have pictures and thoughts about the different beers we drank for our "B" date. I really thought my husband and I would go out on our "C" date soon. It would appear that my new job would result in a "C"elebration date, but that has yet to happen.

The challenge for this date? "Flip a coin to see who the designated driver will be." Guess we need to go out! :) Can't wait for my darling husband to plan this one!

Hope everyone is doing well. Hope your weekend with an extra day was fantastic.

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