Sunday, March 31, 2013

Turning over a new leaf...

So...tomorrow is April 1st and that means we have watched and lived three months of 2013 speed by. I have no idea how that has happened, but clearly the calendar indicates that we are currently in spring! Fantastic!

What is not fantastic? We are only four dates into our challenge and that means we need to get our butts in gear. Three dates in three months is NOT okay! Our fourth is on the horizon...

A few things before I ramble into our C date. First, I am committing to being more committed to this blog. Not sure anyone cares all that much, but I am certain that if I want to make "Recess" aka "Fun" a priority, I need to actually do that. While, I have been having fun, it is impossible for me to savor the moment or give thanks for the opportunities presented when I don't take some time to appreciate those moments. That is why I decided to blog and that is why I am going to be on here more regularly. Maybe it will make my husband remember to plan his dates...

Why do I say that? Because, while I love my dear hubby, he never did plan the C date. I finally took over because I had an opportunity to arrange an evening out to Celebrate my new job. We attended happy hour with many of my current colleagues and then we had dinner alone. It was wonderful and nice. We won't be doing that too frequently, but I appreciated it. Plus - I WON rock, scissors, paper, so I was able to have a few drinks and relax!

Our next date? Well, this one my husband will plan and the Challenge Card indicated it must occur on a weekday! Good luck to us!

As for my more regular posts...coming soon. My new and improved 10 day challenge to kick start some healthy habits in eating and exercise! Wish me luck!

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