Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The "B" Date - Part 1

The Alphabet Dating Adventure continues! We have only had two dates, but the challenge cards have done just that - challenge us! For this date we had to drive through Starbucks at some point and pay for the car behind us! Sounds simple...yep...simple.

The "B" date was actually quite an adventure and had several different elements. To begin with...we have been slacking when it comes to supporting our friends' kids in sports. And by slacking, I mean the young man plays basketball at a high school so close I could jog to it (I don't, but I could if I wanted to!). He is a senior. We have never watched him play basketball. I think I already said we are slackers?

So...our "B" date began by going to watch the Boys' Basketball game where Bosley finally met our friends! I snuck in three "B" items there - did you see that? Crafty! We had a good time and the kids did great. We didn't stay for quite the entire game because the little guy usually goes to bed at 6:30pm or 7:00pm and by a little after 8:00pm, it was time to leave before the meltdown occurred. The parents reading this know what I mean. There is a tipping point where it goes wrong with incredible speed, and I really didn't want that to happen during our date! I wanted the two of us to still be in a good mood when we continued the date - just the two of us - in the Basement for Beer tasting.

However, before we could proceed home, we had a challenge card to contend with. We needed to go to Starbucks! The last thing I needed before trying some new beers was a cup of coffee, but it took about a nanosecond to convince our four year old that she wanted some chocolate milk! So off we went...to wait. Here was the challenge...not many customers drive through Starbucks at 8:30pm.

So we waited.

We waited.

Our daughter asked why we were just sitting there.

A car pulled into the parking lot - and turned the other direction.

I made a comment about how silly this was, but just then, a car began to pull up towards Starbucks, and we managed to pull in line ahead of them! Finally, success! I am sure that the person behind us was happy to get their coffee for free, and we were happy to succeed at the challenge!

Still to come...Beer Tasting...pictures and beer comments will be included!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The "A" Date Revisited...

Hmmm...anyone notice? No? Maybe that is because there aren't many of you reading. That is okay...no problem. I am working on that! After all, I do think that others should read my blog. There are two reasons why 1) I hope it gives you a creative idea for dating your significant other. 2) I want to feel as if I am entertaining...okay...that one really isn't a very good reason, but I do like to see that others have viewed my posts. Now, if I could just get more comments...think about it! I would love to hear from YOU!

So...the "A" date challenge was to include a workout. That wasn't the best part of our date since my poor belly that is still recovering from the birth of my second child is not very adept at performing any ab exercises. However, that is of course what my darling husband decided we would do before and after our "A" date.

So...while my 24 day challenge (previous blog) has been continuing on and my ab workouts are improving, it was an interesting portion of our "A" date. We did laugh a great deal.

Soon to be revealed...how the "B" date actually took two evenings!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The challenge...

About two weeks ago, I posted that I was gearing up for a challenge. Well...the first ten days of the challenge are done and I loved it. I was surprised that my first attempt at a "program" was not bad. I generally don't like a specific outline for eating, vitamins, blah, blah, blah. However, needing wanting to lose the rest of the baby weight made me decide that I would try something new.

So...what am I doing? The Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I have to admit, I was skeptical to try a "program," but I just figured - Why not? Nothing else was getting me motivated, so maybe spending a little money on a prescribed program would help. And it has! Plus, surprisingly, I have been thrilled with the amount of energy I have had. It has been great to wake up and feel good.

Other than needing some motivation, I also thought...twenty four days is doable. Twenty four minute workouts are doable! Yep...that isn't long...I can do something for twenty four days. I can workout for twenty four minutes. This sounded like a commitment I could make!

In ten days I lost four pounds and two inches around my waste. Not bad...not bad. I wonder what the next fourteen days will bring!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A is for...not really Adventure.

As we begin our Alphabet Dating Adventure (ADA), I must remember the challenges with which we are faced. Both of us work full time, we have a 16 year old junior in high school, 4 year old spitfire, and 5 month old incredibly happy baby. While these are all blessings, I think we can all also agree, these are all obstacles when it comes to dating at all...let alone taking on a challenge to date through the alphabet.

So...Sunday night rolls around and my husband and I had been talking about how our first date of the ADA has to be this weekend. Finally, at 8:30pm on Sunday night we are able to get away - by ourselves! Happy moment!

Until we realize, it is 8:30pm on SUNDAY night. In case you don't venture out much on Sunday evenings, you should know - not much is open! As we are driving down the road, my husband actually comments on how AutoZone is closed and that is unfortunate because it was a stop on our evening's festivities. I laugh. He doesn't. I laugh harder. He says we actually needed something for the car there, so AutoZone was going to be part of the A date.

At this point, I re-evaluate what kind of date I am on for the beginning of our ADA!

As we drive along, realizing we don't have many options, we land on an arabica drink.

Yep...Starbucks coffee. We sit down get snack packs of Almonds and cranberries, and drink coffee for about 15 minutes before we are told the place is about to close.

After that, we run an errand at WalMart and enjoy the fact we can walk around the store without a cart, running after a four year old, or wondering if the baby will scream. It was nice.

I think we might need to learn to plan a little more effectively for our next date...of course I will be in charge of our B Date, so let the challenge continue!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The "A" Date...

Here is what I know about the "A" Date. It should happen sometime this week. That's it. So, as of Sunday night, I am still in the dark. I am hoping I get a little warning before I am asked to work out on our first date of the year. I have been thinking about it...you know, how will my husband incorporate a workout into our "A" Date?

What do you think? What should I be prepared for?

Gearing up for a Challenge

Okay...so I am not quite sure this is going to be fun. Not sure it will be a recess - at least the kind I have spoken of previously in this blog, but in some ways I think it will be good for me.

I am going to take a 24 day challenge to kick start getting my body back four and a half months after having my baby. It includes some type of cleanse, a healthy eating plan, and 24 days of workouts that are 24 minutes long! A few things to know about me and taking a challenge like this.

1) I have never done anything like this, so I think what I feel might be nerves.
2) I am partially motivated by the money I invested into the challenge products.
3) 24 days seems TOTALLY doable.
4) 24 minutes a day seems totally attainable.

Now, I am just waiting for the products to arrive. Would love to hear any stories you all have about the new year and starting a new challenge. I think this is going to be fun - not the kind of play with the kids in the snow fun, but fun because I will feel better when I have finished this challenge!

So...advice from anyone?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So...it is day two of 2013 and of course everyone is discussing their resolutions, lack of resolutions, inability to keep resolutions, and desire to ever follow through on any thing! Okay...maybe not the last part...maybe that is just...um...well...my one friend.

As I contemplate my resolutions - a 24 day challenge for health and the year long Alphabet Dating Adventure, I have been reading other posts. My favorite is from my friend Diana. It made me smile, which is what you better be doing when you embark upon any new adventure! Check it out here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Alphabet Dating Adventure

The premise behind the Alphabet Dating Adventure (ADA) is not unique. You and your significant other take turns planning dates beginning with A and ending with Z. Our first go around included a Choose your Own Adventure Date, Indulging, Jet Setting (surprise Babymoon trip to Georgetown for the weekend - not a typical date), and Kids' Play.

This time I decided we needed something to make it a bit more challenging. So, we developed the Challenge Cards. This box contains all 26 of our Challenge Cards.
My husband and I each took 13 slips of paper and wrote out the challenge to be drawn as we prepare for the next date.

So...what did the first Challenge Card say? Workout. Seriously...for January 1st and our first date of 2013, a workout must be included. Is God trying to tell me something?

Hope you enjoy following along with our adventure! :)