Monday, April 15, 2013


I was working on a very entertaining post for the blog. I thought it was clever and entertaining. I was really "on" while I was writing - and even revising!

Then I heard the news, went to, read a little, looked at the pics, and then I just sat. A good friend from college was running Boston for the 5th time. She is a great runner...I knew she would already be done, but I just started thinking about all of it.

The perspective of the runner...the feeling of euphoria after the long weeks, months, probably years of planning and training. Euphoria to absolute terror. How cruel.

The perspective of the spectator...watching runners who have toiled so long. It almost brings a tear to the eye of the onlooker to see the joy as men and women finish Boston. I is BOSTON people! The spectators proud of complete strangers, and ecstatic for good friends and family. Then confusion followed by fear and panic.

The perspective of race workers...the race beginning to wind down and workers were beginning to think about the end. However, a they begin to think of all the post-race work, the noise and jolt to the ground send them into automatic pilot. Get spectators, racers, everyone to safety. Where is the issue? Help. Help. Help.

The rest of us...learning the news randomly throughout the course of our otherwise normal day. We sit in shock. We wonder why. We tear up...maybe even cry. We get mad. We talk about it to each other, but avoid the newscasts in front of our small children.

What I know?
➢ Bad things will happen, but good people will help.
➢ We will continue to live our lives and not let the crazy terrorists change us.
➢ Social media will allow communication is a manner that it will allow us to breathe deeply when we realize
our friends are okay, speed to the right location if they are not, and mobilize the nation in a show of
solidarity when necessary.
➢ We need to cherish those we love and tell!

Thoughts and prayers to all...

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