Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's November?

Greetings to my little blog and anyone that follows it. Some might have noticed I have been gone. Totally. MIA. No where to be found. At least here on my blog. It is November and I just don't know how the time flew by so quickly!

However, three months ago today started yet another incredible journey for my husband and me. Our son was born! So...for the last three months recess has looked like a full night's sleep! And we are truly blessed and about a week or two before I went back to work our little Boss-man started sleeping through the night. He currently goes to bed at 7pm. We wake him at about 10pm to eat one more time and then he sleeps. During the week we wake him at 5:30am and during the weekend he sleeps until almost 7am! Did I hear some gasps from the readers? is true - and I haven't bragged about it online until now. Didn't want to jinx myself!

So...I am determining what role this little blog will play in life now. I started it because - why not? seems that there are many avenues one could go. I have some ideas for this one, but not sure exactly where any idea will lead these days!

There is one thing to think about though: Recess Required. What does it really mean to me now? I hope you all think about what it means to you. After all it seems we all need time to play. I know I am allowing that to look differently these days. I am trying to let go of some things and be more thankful of everything. More on that coming soon...