Sunday, January 20, 2013

A is for...not really Adventure.

As we begin our Alphabet Dating Adventure (ADA), I must remember the challenges with which we are faced. Both of us work full time, we have a 16 year old junior in high school, 4 year old spitfire, and 5 month old incredibly happy baby. While these are all blessings, I think we can all also agree, these are all obstacles when it comes to dating at all...let alone taking on a challenge to date through the alphabet.

So...Sunday night rolls around and my husband and I had been talking about how our first date of the ADA has to be this weekend. Finally, at 8:30pm on Sunday night we are able to get away - by ourselves! Happy moment!

Until we realize, it is 8:30pm on SUNDAY night. In case you don't venture out much on Sunday evenings, you should know - not much is open! As we are driving down the road, my husband actually comments on how AutoZone is closed and that is unfortunate because it was a stop on our evening's festivities. I laugh. He doesn't. I laugh harder. He says we actually needed something for the car there, so AutoZone was going to be part of the A date.

At this point, I re-evaluate what kind of date I am on for the beginning of our ADA!

As we drive along, realizing we don't have many options, we land on an arabica drink.

Yep...Starbucks coffee. We sit down get snack packs of Almonds and cranberries, and drink coffee for about 15 minutes before we are told the place is about to close.

After that, we run an errand at WalMart and enjoy the fact we can walk around the store without a cart, running after a four year old, or wondering if the baby will scream. It was nice.

I think we might need to learn to plan a little more effectively for our next date...of course I will be in charge of our B Date, so let the challenge continue!

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