Monday, April 8, 2013

Day #8

So...there was a thunderstorm last night. That means my four year old, who is just newly afraid of tornados, came to our bed in the middle of the night. While I say "our" bed, what I mean is: Stella invaded my space and continued to "cuddle" with me by hitting me in the face, moving me other places, and kicking my stomach. Finally, when the storm was over, I took her back to her own bed, but by then the damage was done. We were exhausted and a frustrating morning was to follow.

I woke up, groggy, and proceeded to begin my ritual for the next three days of Spark, Fiber Drink, and a Meal Replacement Shake. After some tears and screams, arguements and compromises, we were finally on our way to start our Monday.

All night it stormed and rained, so this morning was the misty hangover with wet pavement. Stella and I drove as usual towards our destination. However, there was one little surprise in store for us.

I saw a pick-up truck coming from the other direction and only thought twice because its headlights turn off as he approached me. I slowed down in the most infinitesimal way and then it happened. Imagine dropping an old, really dusty mattress from ten feet. The burst of dust and imagine that is a deer landing in front of your car!

Yes...a deer...dropped in the road...while I am going virtually full speed. So, it is apparent this deer is already dead, and luckily, it was close enough to the center of the road that I am able to swerve and not run over the brunt of the body.

In my review mirror, I see the pick-up truck pulling over, and I realize that somehow, this deer flew out of that truck!

As I continue to drive, my heart rate starts to slow and my daughter starts to ask questions. I try to answer them without hecatizing her (please see previous post regarding this word), and I realize what is common sense:

I have blood on my windshield. After processing that piece of information, I realize that I probably have blood on several areas of the car. Then I see a few hairs stuck to my windshield and realize...there might be fur stuck in the front of my car.

Yep...after spending hours cleaning the car this weekend, I "kinda" of hit a deer and get blood and fur on my car. Fantastic. What a way to start my Monday - and my week.

Would love to hear about yours!

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