Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa's

Nothing could be more fun for my three year old than visiting grandma and grandpa! She is a ball of energy that goes from one fun thing to another while we visit. Watching the joy on her face while she is able to "get away" with things here, is enjoyable for me - even knowing the consequences I will pay when we go home.

Yesterday we went to the park and she had grandpa bury her feet in the playground sand. She hand grandma come and watch anything and everything she did (and grandma of course obliged with contant reassurance that what she is doing was amazing and awesome). Mom and dad were simply there - and frankly of little use since we don't suggest ice cream and marshmallow cereal after every activity.

In conclusion, the last day and a half of fun for me has been watching her pure joy. I know this level of excitement for seeing grandma and grandpa is fleeting. As kids grow older the reactions change and the pure joy is harder to see. I will spend the next day and a half enjoying it a bit more before we return to the routine of being home.

What has your "recess" been lately?

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