Thursday, March 8, 2012

I love March Madness!

I know it is just beginning, and I love the excitment in the air, the fervent fans and their gear, and the passion displayed on the court and in office pools.  There is speculation, cheering for the underdogs, and lamentation when your favorite teams loses their last game.  I LOVE March Madness.

This year, I love that I get to start it a bit early by attending my first and last Big 12 Tournament.  My Tigers are leaving for the SEC, so I will never again have a reason to spend time at the Big 12 Tournament.  However, this year, the last year we are part of it, I get to go!  I have been excited since I secured my ticket.  Fate wanted me to go this year because it was by chance/accident/strange coincidence I even became aware of the opportunity.

Now THIS is going to be fun!  Go Tigers!

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