Monday, February 20, 2012


So, I issued the challenge...the question is: How did I have fun the day I issued the challenge - right? Well, I will tell you what - I talked to one of my dear friends, Becky, who always makes me laugh. The two of us can talk and talk and talk, but we also laugh and laugh and laugh when we actually connect on the phone. It is certainly not often enough, but I always know when we connect, we will have a great conversation about what is going on in life, how ridiculous being a grown up can be, and the amusement of life not turing out quite as we hoped! Here is the impressive news: We planned some fun! Now that is exciting...planning good times is truly making progress! I think this is a sign I might be able to turn it around after all! And what I mean by that is, I am sure I used to have fun almost every day. I worked hard and played hard all through college, but somehow lost the play part of the phrase after getting my first job and realizing that balancing life, relationships, friendships, finances, and work was just incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, the focus became the "incredibly difficult" instead of anything else! In closing for today, what a great success! I have planned some fun which includes a quick over-night girls' night trip! I can not wait to hang out and just enjoy being in my old college town with old friends! did you have fun today?

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