Monday, February 20, 2012

Planning fun with three year old?

My three year old is amazing. She can have fun doing just about anything. Give her some blocks - she is building amazing towers. Give her markers - she is making a masterpiece. Give her some miniature bowls and spoons and she is making chili, soup, chocolate milk, cupcakes, Mom. So why, oh why, when I try to take her somewhere to have fun does it sometimes turn in to a giant nightmare?

There was a day when I would look at mom's with their small children and think, "What is wrong with that mother? Get your child under control. Do not allow her to throw herself on the ground and scream!" Ah, how the perspective changes when it is your child is exhibiting that exact behavior.

So, here is how it began. I thought we would go out on a short "date." What kid doesn't want to go out for cupcakes or cookies with mom - right? Well, all was going well until we got there. The entire car ride was wonderful, and I was thanked for going to get such delicious treats. I was very impressed with myself.  That of course was exactly when I should have known, it would all go wrong...

As we walked through the door a greedy little monster erupted from this child. (I don't even know what set her off - the wrong cupcake color? The cookie wasn't red?) I love my daughter, but it is a bit embarrassing when the completely fabulous moment turns into a moment of embarrassment.  The couple trying to enjoy their cupcakes were giving us sheepish looks, and it would appear I was subjecting my child to some type of torture.

Thankfully, we made it out of the cupcake shop with two cupcakes to attempt to eat at home. Ahh...I love the little munchkin, but goodness, she can make a fun situation quickly turn into a moment of true parenting frustration. I hope our next "date" goes a bit better.

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