Monday, February 20, 2012

Me time...

I will admit, this weekend I did something totally for myself. It was fun. It was...nothing! That is right ladies and gentlemen. For about half of the day, I did nothing. It was glorious because I wasn't sick, I wasn't hurt, I was able to enjoy the nothing.

My husband took our three year old out to give me some quiet time, and I just relaxed. I did watch a couple of shows on the DVR, but I gave myself permission to not do the dishes, not vacuum the main level, not mop the floor, not clean the bathroom, not...well, you get the picture. It was spectacular. And it was amazingly appreciated.

As I reflect on this time of fun for me, I all fun a little selfish? We do, in fact, have fun simply because we like it - right? Is it accurate to admit that fun is something we do simply because we want to do it? I think it is selfish, but also necessary.  Your thoughts?

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