Monday, February 20, 2012

Stop the madness...let us play! I have had two back to back 14 hour days. Invariably during times like this, I find fun is an impossibility. After all, I spend my entire day inside a high school helping maintain order and further our mission and vision of preparing students to be successful adults. It is a daunting task and as students pick their classes for the next school year (yes, that does happen in February!), it seems fun is not within the realm of possibility because it truly is one miniature crisis after another.

The consequence of these two long, and incredibly exhausting days, did not allow me much time for actual fun, but it did allow me a few moments here and there to read about it. There is a plethora of information out there about play and its importance. There is some fascinating reading, but my eye was caught by a silly little story out of LA. It was discussing how between Memorial Day and Labor Day is has been banned "to cast, toss, throw, kick, or roll" any ball other than a volleyball or beach ball.

I am sorry - I don't understand LA Beaches. Why are you robbing people of one of the reasons they go to the beach. Is this small amount of play worth the the time and effort the 37-page ordinance took to develop and print? Is it really a problem worth legislating against? And if this play has become such a problem, will surfing, boogie boarding, kite flying, and little kids chasing each other into the water also be banned?

If there is one thing this has done, it is keep me from ever planning to go to an LA beach. I want my kids to have the option of throwing a football or frisbee around without getting arrested. So weigh LA stealing our opportunities to play?

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