Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Visit From the Past Brings Happiness!

With great difficulty, I have attempted to determine if my story today is truly one of fun.  As I refer to the definition, which indicates fun must provide mirth and/or amusement, I am still not sure.  However, one event today certainly filled me with happiness.  

A former, rather problematic, student stopped by my school today.  It was a surprise to see this student because coming to school was not a top priority in the past.  In addition, this student had seen a certain amount of concerning behavior.  However, today I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear this former at-risk student had managed to enroll in a technical school.  Not only enroll, but flourish in technical school.  Dean's list.  Perfect attendance.  Serving as a representative to recruit students! 


What was most pleasing was that this former student sought me out - and this was no easy feat today - to tell me all of this information.  I am so proud and so happy to hear of the success.  

So, was this fun?  For me, yes!  Not only fun, but rewarding and uplifting during a difficult week .  Do you have a story to share?

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