Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happiness is a Fresh Beat Band Concert

My daughter LOVES the Fresh Beat Band.  I only let her watch Nick Jr. and the reality is she has limited herself to an occasional Pocoyo, possible Kai-Lan, but all she really wants is the Fresh Beat Band.

For the last week, I had been setting the scene with my daughter for a date with her aunt and cousin.  A girls' night out!  It was great because she was getting excited to see her cousin and go on date!

What was the big "date"?  Her first concert!  That is right - concert.  The grid-lock in the Power and Light District at 4:15pm for the Fresh Beat Band made me laugh out loud.  Who knew that this group of four with a little show on Nick Jr. could send the area into a frenzy - and the poor business men could not figure out why all these small children were being herded into the Midland Theater.  

Once the show started she was enthralled.  Every time they would look, talk, or wave in our direction she would say, "Did Shout/Twist/Kiki/Marena wave at me?"  "Of course sweetheart," and she would wave back.  Adorable!

What is the big event that has brought that look of pure joy to your child?

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