Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh fun, where oh where have you gone?

Okay...the situation might not be that dire, but I do feel like it has been difficult to have fun lately. This could be because I am pregnant (about 24 weeks along) and I am mostly just tired. It makes my fun feel like work some times because I just don't have the energy!

However, I found something I could do - read! I told you all I was going to take the plunge and read The Hunger Games. Well, I did! I finished the series and even went to see the movie last night. The series was very good. The movie was entertaining, but not as good. It has been refreshing to see a strong female character, although the movie played up the "romance" a little too much for me.

What have you all been doing to have fun lately? I would love to get some more followers (please, please) and get some more comments. My goal is for this to be a bit more interactive than it currently is! Hope to hear from you soon!

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