Monday, June 4, 2012

Hidden fun....

So the summer has truly begun, and frankly, so has the madness. While many think summer means fun, rest, and possibly relaxation, I think there are many of us that know the truth. It is chaos and craziness. By no means am I saying that is inherently bad, but I think mothers in general are kidding themselves (and trying to fake out each other) when they say anything different.

There is a strange ease as summer begins...the lack of a concrete schedule run by school buses and bells can give the illusion of relaxation with no particular time tables to follow, but we soon crave those exact schedules we miss!

Once we get a couple of weeks into summer, we are running around with haphazard schedules that involve getting kids to camps and "special" classes with summer hours. We run to the library and "free" events. We find all kinds of special things to do because it is summer! After all, we should do some extra things, some special things to make the summer memorable. It is a lot of pressure to put on ourselves.

This summer is marked by a few events for sister gets married, and I will have a baby in late August. Both are a pretty big deal! Both involve a great deal of preparation that seems to eat up my summer time.

My sister has been very busy planning a wedding and finishing up a school year. While this was going on, I was attempting to plan a bridal shower and bachelorette party with her friends. We had lots of ideas...apparently my sister had some of her own as well. It was quite a surprise to me when my sister wanted to do painting...really painting on a canvas with an artist. This was part of her bridal shower/bachelorette party day. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, or if I even wanted to do it. Let's be honest...I am a logical, precise, task oriented person. Painting really doesn't fit my personalty.

However, the group that was painting together had a great time laughing at ourselves, laughing at each other, and discovering we might have more artistic talent than we thought!

Yep...that is my painting. I had no idea while I was doing it that it would actually resemble a sunset. In addition, it looks much better from far away than it did sitting right in front of me. I was a little surprised - and pleased that it came out looking acceptable! Who knew there would be some fun hidden in this activity. I had a great time - and we all agreed we would love to do it again!

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