Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recess...remember to take the break clearly the dating through the alphabet adventure has been a complete failure this year. Here it is, August 11th, and I think I have been able to post about four or five dates. Some of this might be because I tried to start something when my husband and I had just had the baby in August. We had some crazy things going on with the family in the spring. Then, we both decided to get new jobs! Yikes!

So...since dating hasn't been the best way to find a place for a break, I am trying to appreciate some other things! My strange summer did give me over TWO months off with the kids, and it change how I think about spending time with them. It changed how I come home from work. It changed my attitude about work and family balance. More on that later...the point is: I feel like I am able to divide the two more effectively. We will see if that holds true with this new job. :)

I also started as a Rodan and Fields Skincare Consultant. Strange to take on more work, but I can do this however, I want to. I can put in as little or as much time. The surprising thing? Remembering that I have always wanted to be a business owner. Now I am! So...I have decided I want to build the business and I think in some ways this is a "break" for me because it is fun. I love the products, and it is forcing me outside my comfort zone! I needed that!

So I ask two things of you all as you read this blog...
1) Like my facebook page to keep up with the super cool things Rodan and Fields will be doing in the next few months.

2) Go to my business page and take the Solutions Tool. Email yourself the results and then contact me to find out more about purchasing products that will make your skin the best skin you have ever had. Just go to Customize Your Skin Routine to start the quiz!

Thanks...I have a big week coming up! Back to school with students arriving on Wednesday! When do your kids go back to school?

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