Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Funday...

Today Bosley is getting his first haircut! That is right! A haircut for the little man! I cannot believe it is time...although he is over 13 months old and Stella was wearing barrettes in her hair by now, so I suppose it is past time!

After this milestone, he will immediately hit another by attending his first birthday party! He is napping right now to prepare for all the excitement. Mom should be napping too, but there are too many things to do in order to prepare for the week - and the evening of new TV!

Stella is also going to have a good day...she is anticipating her little blanket, "Red," coming home from needed repairs. Thanks, Grandma! The poor thing was starting to unravel...and that was going to make Stella unravel as well. After that, we are going to order a new T-shirt - her FAVORITE shirt - a new Full of Awesome shirt. Check it out! You can get 20% off your order through the end of September - just use the code school13!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday too!

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