Saturday, January 4, 2014


It is supposed to snow. This is the third time this season, so we will see if this one is as disappointing as the others. The sad fact is that regardless of how much we get, no one will be able to go out and play in it because it will be so incredibly cold!

As we prepare for the cold weather, I have decided to do some freezer cooking, Stella has decided to use as much glue as possible in every craft project she works on, Bosley is too young to realize what is really going on, and my husband is going to help me - he just doesn't know it yet!

However, Stella is going to want to go into the snow. I think I will let her go collect a bowl of snow to make ice cream. That is the only thing I can fathom doing with snow since it will be so cold. We won't be building snowmen or making snow angels. No sledding for this crew until the temperatures are in the 30s. So, snow ice cream it is - check out the recipe a friend of mine posted! The Mod Housewife always has great ideas!

Until then…there is some cleaning to do, laundry to fold, and…oh…look…another load of dishes!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Stay safe and stay warm!

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