Friday, January 3, 2014

Dating your Spouse...

About a year ago I posted a great little resolution. A fantastic idea. A wonderful challenge that would involve dating and making it creative. I was excited. My husband was excited. My friends were even excited.


…it flopped.

The Alphabet Dating Adventure barely got off the ground before we allowed our lives, jobs, and overall inability to balance life, to derail the adventure and result in - this is painful - possibly 8 months without a date!

Are you gasping?

I think I did when I actually had to figure that out! It isn't like we didn't do things together, but you certainly can't count a trip to Home Depot or Target as a date. I know…a few of you out there are cringing or pretending like you didn't count those moments, but you did. Don't do that…don't allow mundane every day necessities to count as dates. Just because you get 20 minutes without the kids to run to the store, does not mean you and your husband went on a date. It means you had time for a conversation while you were buying things for the kids!

So, we are going to try to date again. I think we have lowered the bar, to be honest. Clearly, working through the alphabet in one year was way too much, so we are thinking smaller.

How will you date your significant other this year???

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