Thursday, January 2, 2014


What is your New Year's Resolution? In my years of making resolutions and discussing them with friends, I find that most revolve around two things. Looking better and living better.

Looking Better...

I find this generally involves losing weight, but it is really about more than that. It is about gaining self-confidence from feeling better about how you look. This year I have resolved to get stronger, but also to continue working on making my skin look better. I discovered Rodan and Fields Skincare about six months ago, and I finally can leave the house without make-up - if I want to! I never used to do that! So...I currently back squat, deadlift, and use fantastic skincare products to boost my confidence!

Living Better...

That is more complicated. We all want to live better, but we believe it is out of our control. The job we have, with the schedule we are stuck with, is what we must live with until we retire. I want to challenge your thinking there. What if owning your own business - Rodan and Fields Skincare for instance - could be your way of shaping your career around your life? It could be! It is for a couple of friends of mine that really jumped in feet first and didn't look back. Want to learn more? It can't hurt to learn about the business, ask questions, talk to people who are doing it - ask them how they became so successful.

Think about it...this could be your ultimate Recess - help others get great skin and shape your career around your life! Sound heavenly? Sound interesting? Sound like you want to learn more? You could build your own business and team to work with while getting yourself out of debt, or earning money for that dream family vacation, or generating a second income for your family.

I want to do the same - and I want you to come with me! Message me and let's get started!

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