Monday, June 2, 2014


Summertime is a powerful time, but also a time to relax. So…here is the question…how do I keep up with the house work and regular chores while spending extra time at the pool, park, and other fun activities? Because, while the kids are relaxing, and I am spending more time with them - relaxing - my home still needs attention. Right now it looks like the laundry exploded, the pets run the place, and toys are supposed to cover every inch of the home!

Oh wait…I started this with a statement about relaxing…there isn't any relaxing in the summer… as parents we run around like crazy people trying to make sure our kids get to do all kinds of things and wondering why summer used to be awesome. Then we sit outside and have a drink chatting until way too late so we are exhausted when our small children rise with the sun!

However, referring to an earlier post I made, I think I should be purposeful about some of the things I love!
1) My kids are amazing and I love to watch them learn and grow.
2) While we will never be able to do all the things I WANT to do…I get to do many of the things I want my kids to do!
3) My husband is amazing…even if it includes and irritation now and then :)
4) I am healthy and lucky to have great friends. :)

I hope you are all having a fantastic June so far! I am looking forward to many sunny and hot days to go swim with my kids at the pool! Okay…I am looking forward to it, but the constant pleadings for nachos will be a bit irritating!

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