Saturday, October 19, 2013

Flying October...

Okay...not sure how to convey the fact that yesterday the month began and today we are two thirds of the way through the month??? How has the month flown by so quickly? It has been a great month - with some added stress and craziness!

However, today I am writing to encourage everyone to do something fun! Help someone else! The high school I work at - Fort Osage High School - is trying to win $100,000. All we have to do is have as many people as possible pledge to drive safely! Yep...that is it! Easy - right?

Every day we can make the pledge again to help out - please go to and pledge to be a great driver. The state is Missouri, the town is Independence, and the school is Fort Osage High School!

Help us out - I will do the same in the future (not give you $100,000, but vote for something that would help you win $100,000!) :)

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