Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mad for Mimi

I learned something new this weekend! Then I tried using it! It is called Mad Mimi and you use it to help market your business! However, I can market more than my business with it! I have a knack for saying yes to far too many things and this might make some of those things easier. I think this might help me with some of my communication!

I find it interesting that with so many options for communication, we are constantly look for new more innovative ways to do it. Mad Mimi seems to answer some of the questions I need answers to when it comes to sending out my business (Rodan and Fields) information and tracking potential customer, but it also introduces some new and innovative ways to put together and disseminate information for newsletters I need to more regularly dispense. This will allow me to spend some time putting together information and then scheduling the emails to go out.

This does bring up an interesting issue...I am excited I found another way to communicate via email, but that means I am probably spending even more time doing that instead of what is absolutely most productive and successful: actual conversations in person or on the phone.

Do you find that we try to rely on social media too much? Do we try to not only increase business with it, but maintain friendships? What is the right balance?

I don't have that answer, but I do have an example of my very first Mad Mimi! More to come!

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