Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sick of…all the sick!

I think I have a sick house. I don't mean the people in it (although that is accurate), I mean my house is sick. Since the week of Thanksgiving someone in this house has been sick. We have had it all - flu-like illness that affects both ends (sorry), pink eye, ear infections, colds, runny nose, nausea, exhaustion, bronchitis, and each happened at a different time. As in…one…person…at…a…time. Yes, slowly like that.

Have you ever had to take care of everyone when they aren't cute right? It stinks - right? Then throw in a super sick husband. Yes…the husband is sick. After three days, I made him go to Urgent Care. However, we are on day four and work just wore him out, so he is asleep - at 8pm. While I am not upset, I am exhausted. I just know my body and immune system will collapse once everyone is healthy.

It will probably be on a Super Bowl Sunday and I will be left at home to sleep while everyone else goes to a party. :( Oh…wait - I need to keep up my positive attitude which has resulted in just a bad cold instead of all the other ailments that have worked their way through this household. Help me stay positive, people!

Oh…and tell me how your family is doing! Have a fantastic week!

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