Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Fun with the Kids???

Have you noticed the buzz as summer grows near? Kids anticipate days at the pool and running around at the park. Parents are relieved the school year is over and now we can focus on "fun" activities with the kids that are not interrupted with homework. Teachers are just exhausted and don't say much of anything, except, "Goodbye. Have a great summer."

Now that I am a mom of two kids, I find that summer also appears to be a bit of a competition. I don't think moms mean to make it that way, but if you follow Facebook posts, twitter feeds, and Pinterest Boards, you feel every mom has planned elaborate adventures, super cool crafts that are free, and checklists of fun to complete. Is it just me?

As a working mom, much of that sounds a bit exhausting. I want my kids to have a blast all summer...heck, all year. They are adorable and I want them to have amazing experiences. However, the planning seems a bit daunting, and so I have decided to attempt to come to a compromise between the moms I feel I am in competition with and me. I am going to try to do fun things, but I am also going to look for the summer fun in each day regardless of specifically planned events. After all, my kids have the best ideas on the fly for the fun "stuff" they want to do at any given moment!

So here we go people - Summer Recess 2014! Let's make some memories, spend time with our families...and be creative without being exhausting!

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